About the Royal Commission

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The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care was established by the Government on 1 February 2018 with Sir Anand Satyanand appointed Chair.

The Commission will listen to stories about the experiences of people in state care and examine ways to stop further abuse.

Further Information

Information related to the final establishment of the Inquiry (released 7/12/2018)

Information related to the original establishment of the Inquiry

●      Read related material considered by Ministers on the establishment of the Inquiry:

○       Cabinet paper 1 (.pdf, 154KB)

○       Scoping document 1 (.pdf, 554KB)

○       Supplementary advice to Scoping document 1 (.pdf, 322KB)

○       Scoping document 2 (.pdf, 479KB)

○       Cabinet paper 2 (.pdf, 801KB)

○       Appointment Cabinet paper 2 (.pdf, 877KB)

To protect the privacy of individuals some information in these documents has been withheld.