About this Inquiry

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions was established on 12 November 2018 when the Government set the final Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.

In this video the Chair, Sir Anand Satyanand, talks about the new Terms and the responsiblity the Inquiry has to all survivors.

Our people

Survivor Advocate Jim Goodwin
The Royal Commission is made up of our Chair, Sir Anand Satyanand and four Commissioners: Dr Andrew Erueti, Judge Coral Shaw, Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae and Paul Gibson. Working alongside the Commissioners are Counsel Assist, Simon Mount, and Executive Director, Mervin Singham.
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Important documents

The Terms of Reference
There are a number of policies and documents important in the work of the Royal Commission, e.g. Conflict of Interest Policy and the Self-incrimination Policy.

These are publicly available here:
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Preliminary hearing

Preliminary hearing
The purpose of a Preliminary hearing (a requirement of any Inquiry) is to share information about the Inquiry’s scope and focus and the methods we will use to deliver our work programme. We encourage you to watch and hear how the Inquiry will operate.
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